Wild West Allis

It's here! After several years, we finally have a book on our hands. Or on our handheld devices. Order your Kindle version of Wild West Allis before Amazon runs out of them!

Hey, this is Brian and Alex, and we've both lived in the Milwaukee area our whole lives. While Milwaukee is an interesting city, we both got a chance to live in West Allis for a few years, and it is probably one of the more flavorful towns you'll never visit. Surrounded by the city of Milwaukee, it's a suburb in name, a small town in mindset, and a punchline in the minds of outsiders.

Our goal is to write the stories that make West Allis famous. We want to take the twenty master plots and turn them into twenty stories about West Allis, Wisconsin. We want to tie the stories together with common characters and common themes, some of which we have yet to imagine. We want to inform and entertain the reader with some real-life-like fiction from West Allis, based on what we've experienced, seen, or heard from friends.