I am a writer with more talent than drive and more ideas than completed stories. I am writing the forthcoming Arizona and Utah novel as I currently work on this West Allis project. While I have not worked to get published, I have written two film scripts, about a dozen short stories, and over 100 poems over the past two decades. I have also written humorous articles for Real Wisconsin News. Actually, I have started to work to get published, and it ain't easy.

I started by putting all of my stories on Amazon. Even some on Google Books. I also created author profiles on various book sites. When I'd gotten most of my old work online, I made my author page (McNewsy) a subscription-only website so that the droves of adoring fans could someday pay for a subscription--likely after I'm dead and someone "discovers" what I was capable of writing. I then focused on my teaching lessons, putting around 300 of them online for folks to buy. Of course, I should have started with the lessons, since those actually sell. Even my best-selling Kindle book is a lesson unit. Realizing that non-fiction sells better than fiction, I tried my hand at writing a simple guide for churches to build their own websites (since none of them seem to want to hire me).