Let's say your school district drops a lot of money on Chromebooks. It's actually a good deal, since Chromebooks are cheap compared to many laptops. You can get them as Samsung, HP, Dell, Asus, or Acer Chromebooks. But there's a problem: because the laptops are cheap, they bend and flex a bit. More than normal laptops.

Our friends at Educbana have solved the small problem for less than $20 for each Chromebook. It's a simple screen protector / hard case / sleeve that doubles as a white board.

If you look around and find the owner, make sure you use the code FALLS for the best deal.

Read more about it on the Educabana page here: http://educabana.com/home/news/512-get-the-cranium-chromebook-protector-here

Or just check them out on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1Qry8RI