• "The pursuit plot is the literary version of hide-and-seek." "The basic premise of the plot is simple: One person chases another. All you need is a cast of two: the pursuer and the pursued. Since this is a physical plot, the chase is more important than the people who take part in it." First phase: establish the situation, who is running and who is chasing, and why? Stakes? Motivating incident? Second phase: the thrill of the chase! twists, turns, reversals, death-defying plunges, narrow squeaks, and that's just the beginning! Third phase: the resolution. Are they caught? Or do they escape? -
  • In this plot, the focus is on chase, with one person chasing another (and perhaps with multiple and alternating chase). The pursued person may be often cornered and somehow escape, so that the pursuit can continue. Depending on the story, the pursued person may be caught or may escape. -
  • This plot literally involves hide-and-seek, one person chasing another. -

from Amanda

Amanda was as perfect as any girl in the mid-nineties

Was allowed to be.

I wondered how a beauty queen

Living off Lincoln

Who enchanted every last one of us

Would handle a student conference

For Wisconsin’s best and brightest

Attended by a doctor’s son and our instant hero

Who made headway with her,

Not understanding what he might be dragging home to daddy....

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