While breaking into your neighbor's garage and stealing his rake is a West Allis tradition, we'll try to deal with something more life-changing. 



  • "In literature the dominant motive for this plot is loud and clear: retaliation by the protagonist against the antagonist for real or imagined injury. It's a visceral plot, which means it reaches us at a deep emotional level. We bristle against injustice and we want to see it corrected. And almost always, the retaliation is outside the limits of the law." - http://www.mit.edu/~mbarker/exercises/exer970329.txt
  • In the revenge plot, a wronged person seeks retribution against the person or organization which has betrayed or otherwise harmed them or loved ones, physically or emotionally. This plot depends on moral outrage for gaining sympathy from the audience. - http://changingminds.org/disciplines/storytelling/plots/tobias_plots.htm
  • retaliation by Protagonist or Antagonist against the other for real or imagined injury. - http://www.tennscreen.com/plots.htm


from So Sue Me

Hong Kong -2011

The old man sat cross-legged on the bamboo mat, his gaze transfixed on the red and orange hues dancing off the South China Sea as the sun began to slowly set.  Somewhere a gong rang out flooding his mind with liquid memories of a lifetime ago.  The hues of that night danced with cannon-fire orange and blood red.  Its gong reverberated with the whispers of death.  The gong called to him.  Death called to him.  His honor called to him.  But that was the night without hearing.  The night without honor.  The night he cheated death.


And yet death still came for him, seeking to regain the honor that Arata Tsumi stole from him.  Gyokusai: the honorable thing to do as the American G.I.’s overwhelmed his brothers.  Yet “banzai” would not come from his lips.  Shame held him captive for fear did not exist in warriors of the Rising Sun.  And for that shame, his son would die.  Shi No Tenshi came last night.  So the Westerners may call him.  The Angel of Death.


“Grandfather?”  It was the voice of his grandson, Kenji.


“Come and sit, Kenji,” his gaze never leaving the view out the window of the 32nd floor condominium.  “I want to tell you how I met your grandmother.  I want to tell you about how she brought me love when I lost my honor.”  He inhaled deeply.  “But, my honor was restored last night for Tenshi has taken what was his.  Tenshi brought balance.  Dark and light.  Yin and Yang, as your grandmother believed.”


“Na Tuk Kong, I don’t understand."  Kenji tucked his legs underneath him and settled in for his grandfather’s wisdom.....

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