sounds like fun. sounds like stallis


Sounds like our social deviant story or a work night out at Paulie's

Andy Riecz is not your typical single white male in his thirties. He’s never dreamt of killing his next door neighbor and stuffing her body in his freezer. He’s never had any sexual fantasies involving young girls, young boys, or dead bodies. He’s never even enjoyed looking at photos of questionable activities online. Not to say he hasn’t actually done any of those things. Unlike most single white males in his thirties, Andy doesn’t just think about being a deviant, he is one. Kind of.

Andy is certainly guilty of being unable to connect with others and wanting to feel something. He hasn’t felt much since middle school. The other kids used to make fun of him a little, but he also made the choice to avoid them. One of his more clever classmates called him Recluse Riecz. Mostly everyone else who knew his name called him Riecz’s Pieces. He felt anger and embarrassment, which are dangerous emotions for a young man in the beginnings of puberty.

But that was back in middle school, when people actually still talked to him, and when Andy helped real-live pretty girls with their projects in shop class. When high school happened, girls were no longer forced to take shop, so Andy hung out with other guys most of the day, and then he kind of appeared on the main floors of the school for classes in sciences and humanities. He was never really there, however, and most people allowed him to blend into the woodwork, which is something he’s still good at. He felt nothing, and more than anything else, that was what he was great at..........

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