You're on top of the world and you fall down, and land in West Allis, perhaps.

Titles used: "Paulie's" and A Real Vampire Story

from West Allis Heaven

“Just a city-boy.  Born and raised in south Detroit…” My retina-burning, LED clock shouted “2:47!”  2:47 a.m.  Saving my eyesight, I rolled over.  The spot next to me on the not-big-enough queen bed was still cold.  She should have been home by now.  “Just a small-town-girl.  Living in a lonely world…”  Journey.  Why has that song become so popular again?  A prime-time soap with a bunch of kids singing about belief…. What do they know?  Just sing and dance and it will make it all better.  But beware the big, bad cheerleading coach.  Ooooo… scary…  2:49 a.m.  I’m pretty sure she’s banging her boss.  Why not?  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, August 15th 2010: Celebrity chef Jan Vanderhorst opens new restaurant in downtown Milwaukee.  Critics call this the beginning of the foodie craze in Brew City….  Jan… Yahnice… Yahn… like Yen with an ‘a’… the guy sneezes onto a plate and it tastes like magic. He’d charge you $32.99 for his snot, too.  2:52 a.m.  “Don’t stop believin’.  Hold on to that feelin’…”  That big city just to the south adopted this song on their way to the World Series in 2005.  No, not the Cubs.  Those guys will always be losers.  Amazing how many Sox fans jumped on the bandwagon when they became relevant.  That wagon gets a little lighter each year as they spring on over to the next big thing.  Hello, Miami Heat.  2:53 a.m.




It’s Molly, the youngest babysitter in the world.  “Molly, it’s 2:53 in the morning.  Why are you awake?”

“Hunter is crying.”


Hunter, the accident.  “Okay, Molly.  I’ll get him.  Go back to bed.” ...

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